Centre of Excellence
Centre for Leadership and Human Excellence
This centre is concerned with the overall development of the student in terms of HR requirements for an organization.  The department of HR through its “Centre for Leadership and Human Excellence” aims to provide education and training of consistently high standards through innovative and versatile programmes that contributes to achieving the institution’s strategy, reinforced  by clear values and principles.
The centre aims at conducting the following activities:
  • To promote research in the area of HRM and OB
  • To network with the professional HRD organizations
  • To conduct training programmes in team management, leadership and other critical areas.
  • To facilitate knowledge sharing among both the students and the Faculty members.

Center for  Excellence in Marketing & Research
The center for Research and Marketing concentrates on value added Research activities beneficial to academia and industry. RVIM is the Karnataka chapter of Consultancy Development Centre (CDC), which is a sponsored organization under ministry of Science and Technology. The center for Research and Marketing proposes to do some joint Research programs with CDC. Further a refereed known as RVIM Journal Management Research is brought every half yearly under this cnetre. In-house faculty encouraged to right article and do research under this centre. The research center also conducted a project for UNITES the project was undertaken to assess the Wellness Quotient of BPO workers. This research covered a sample size of 5000 employees and is the first of its kind. The out come of this research was discussed in various conference by UNITES. Currently the center is planning another project with UNITES.

Center for Corporate Social Responsibility
Center for CSR at RVIM is a platform for corporates, academicians and students to initiate and conduct various programmes to bring awareness & sensitize issues relating to environment among general public and fostering creative skills for students undergoing special education in schools &colleges and thereby providing opportunity and recognition.

  • Display of models and posters on environment & sustainable development during Lal Bagh Flower Show .The programme is organised in collaboration with Karnataka State Pollution Control Board.
  • Cultural competitions for gifted children in association with R.V .School for Hearing Impaired
  • Recognition Awards for teachers in special education
  • Association with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in organising seminars, conferences &film festivals for public.
  • Creating and publishing posters on social issues
  • Interacting with media for releasing messages in the public interest.

Center for Indian Culture And Heritage
This Centre is established to share knowledge and insights to help Indians to reconnect with their heritage and build a glorious future together. The objectives are:

  • To create a strong India by making modern youths to inculcate the Ancient Indian values and
  • To make students mentally tough, morally stronger and intellectually wiser so that they can face future challenges of life.
  • To bring out the wisdom enshrined in our scriptures.
  • To study Ancient Indian Scriptures and to draw management concepts.
  • To study the Concept of Management in Subhashithas, Bhagavath Geeta , Ramayana ,Vedas, Upanishads and Mahapuranas.
  • To study Management Lessons from Panchatantra stories.

Centre for Excellence in Managerial studies
RVIM has set up a Centre for Excellence in Managerial studies in order to foster the spirit of excellence in the ever evolving field of Managerial studies. The centre in its endeavor to contribute for excellence in this field of study focuses both on the principles and practices of Management. The art and science of management is also another key area, which the centre aims to propagate. The centre has already conducted various seminars, workshops and symposia on widely debated management topics, with the active participation of academia, industry and research scholars. The centre has many such programmes on the anvil for the coming years. The centre also has plans to bring out publications covering the principles and practices in emerging areas of management . The centre is well equipped with audio-visual facilities and a well furnished auditorium.

Centre for Excellence in International Studies
RVIM being well known in the country has started making forays into foreign countries also.Efforts are underway to establish management programmes ,jointly run by RVIM and its foreign partners.The centre has already initiated the process of conducting Student exchange programme, with reputed institutions of Europe, South East Asia and other Countries. The centre has ambitious plans to start faculty exchange programme with reputed Colleges and Universities of other countries.
The centre has also the objective to establish relationship with world renown industrial and business organizations for internship training of its students

Centre for Excellence in Business Development Studies
Relationship Marketing is fast becoming a dominant marketing metric. The center offers practitioners and students an opportunity to prepare themselves and their firms for the future of business and marketing.In difficult economic times, organizations and businesses need every possible advantage and they need expertise to tackle a challenging problem or issue in Marketing of their products or services. That's where we come in. We nurture our clients to compete, expand opportunity and excel in today’s dynamic business environments. The Centre works to create and sustain an environment conducive to the growth of business, partnering business and government alike through training, advisory and consultative services. These services comprise capacity building and training programmes and workshops related to marketing policies and practices.


• To sponsor cutting-edge research of interest to marketers undertaken by the Centrefaculty members.
• To raise the awareness of students about the many corporate opportunities available for business school graduates in the Marketing field.
• To provide the educational support and internship opportunities necessary to develop future Marketing leaders.
• To provide leading-edge information and marketing-related ideas to senior management and high-potential middle management in the business community through non-degree seminars.

The activities of the center broadly comprise activities along three important dimensions research, teaching and service, as illustrated below

Centre for Excellence in Financial Studies
The centre is set up for the purpose of bringing in more practical exposure to the students in the area of finance and accounting. The centre aims at giving them insights of the working of the financial system and various verticals within the industry. The center also aims at educating students with skills specific to areas in finance industry, which could give them the competitive edge.

The centre organizes various activities such as MOCKSTOCK - a stock market game, Investment Plan Analysis, Book Review, Case Study Analysis, Finance Quiz etc. The Centre also organizes series of lectures for the students in areas of Investment Banking, Mergers and Acquisitions, Primary and Secondary Market, OTC Markets, New Issues Market, G-Sec, Call Money, Treasury Bills, Commercial Paper Market, Insurance, Banking. The eminent resource persons are drawn both from industry and Academia.

The centre also organizes competitions to test the financial aptitude as well as equip the students with the required knowledge like Balance Sheet Reading Contest, Conduct simulation games that are a proxy for investor behavior in the real world. The centre also offers PG Diploma in Strategic Financial Management as a Value addition programme for III and IV semester students. The course is designed taking into consideration the subjects which are very important for the students to go beyond curriculum. To deliver the content, the resource persons are invited from the industry and academics. As a part the PG Diploma Course, students will take up a project work and attend the written examination. The certificate will be awarded for the qualified students

Centre for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Incubation 

About R V I M Centre for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Incubation
R V Institute of Management has a strong opinion that Entrepreneurs of today will build our nation in the long run and that is the reason why we have an active Centre fr Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Incubation here at our Institute. The cell is setup with an aim to contribute and facilitate towards the training and building of startups. This cell thrusts towards entrepreneurial development by motivating its participants to take entrepreneurship as a career.

VISION: “To develop and entrepreneurial attitude among the students and produce strong sustainable business models for the future market.”

MISSION: “To inculcate the spirit an interest for entrepreneurship and new venture creation in the students and to support them by all means to transform their ideas into opportunity and reality.”

1. To inculcate the habit of enterprising among the participants.
2. To create awareness on the dynamics involved in becoming an entrepreneur.
3. To facilitate the need based new venture need based new venture creation and small scale startups.
4. To provide first hand info on various avenues for startups, projects, etc.
5. Incubate and incorporate the best ideas from the participants.
6. To train and develop the corporates on their Intrapreneurial skills.
7. To act as a catalyst in empowering women through women entrepreneurial network and support.
8. To contribute towards the betterment of the society through social entrepreneurship startups and projects.
9. To conduct informal and formal symposia for acceleration of social entrepreneurship.
10. To work with rural entrepreneurs and lead rural empowerment

Future Plans:

CA. Dr. Vishnu Bharath Alampalli inagurating Incubation Centre

Discussion Area in the Incubation Centre

Incubatee Teams & Meetup info

Incubatee, Akshay Malagi , introducing his idea to the dignitories

Incubation Services

List of books and magazines available in Incubation Centre

Mr. Naveen Jain, Founder Ethreal Machines, Inaugurating the Incubation Centre

Working spaces for Incubatees

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