Research and Consultancy Centre

The Research and Consultancy Centre of RVIM has been recognized as a Research Center by Bangalore University. The center extends the professional guidance and assistance to research aspirants in the area of Management Studies and the successful research works will be awarded the doctoral degree by the recognized University.



“The purpose of the center is to create a body of knowledge through its research which would benefit the Business society at large”. Other objectives are :

  • To be one of the top Institutes in Management education, training, research and consultancy.
  • Promote research in different areas of Management.
  • Promote research- based teaching to make classroom learning more meaningful and practical.
  • Imparting training and guidance to the research scholars to develop their abilities and competencies.
  • Conduct regular research workshops and conferences on innovative research methods and techniques in Management to facilitate research scholars.
  • Make the research output known to different stakeholders through publications.



The Research and Consultancy Centre of RVIM would be promoting the following activities in a phased manner to promote the intellectual growth process within the institute:

  • Extending professional guidance and assistance to the research aspirants in the area of Management Studies
  • In- house publications by faculty of the institute
  • Joint publications and research work by students and faculty
  • Invite other research scholars to collaborate with the institute for research in various cross and inter-disciplinary areas of management science
  • Become a designated centre for doctoral work in management education by collaborating with various Universities desirous of granting such status to this centre.
  • Conduct Faculty Development Workshops in the field of research methods and techniques for budding scholars
  • Establish links with bodies, like, UGC, AICTE, etc., for accessing grants for various workshops, symposiums, and other research initiatives our campus
  • Encourage scholars to come and participate in national and international level conferences, seminars, workshops, symposiums, roundtables, etc., to be held at RVIM.

Workshops Organized

  1. One day Workshop on “METHODOLOGY OF RESEARCH IN SOCIAL SCIENCES was organized on October 17, 2015. Around 30 participants across Karnataka and participants from Chennai participated in the programme and about 20 teaching staff of RVIM, participating in the event.
  2. One day Workshop on “Executing Research and Statistics using R Programme” was organized on June 18, 2016. Around thirty nine participants participated in the programme across Bangalore City.