Jayanth Hiremath, President, RVIM Alumni Association Batch : 2010-2012
Currently Working as : Assistant Manager – HR HDB Financial Services, Bangalore

“This is a Temple of knowledge, please enter with Humility” – These are the first lines you get to see before entering the premises and it will make you have a feel good factor after reading it and visiting the campus.

In RVIM, you are not only made to learn the skills of MBA but you are also been given an overall knowledge on Mind, Body and Attitude. The campus is well equipped with all amenities which will help in creating an atmosphere of knowledge to the students. Placement cell has been actively involved in nurturing the students as per the industry requirement right from first day through various skill development program and placement activity.


Vidyullatha Shridhar, Vice President, RVIM Alumni Association Batch : 2013-2015
Currently Working as : Team leader-Account Management at Practo Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Bangalore My Journey started with RVIM as it was associated more with the Brand name RV. But as the journey started I realized that it’s not just the brand value the institution had built over the years but it’s the methodology which includes ethics, discipline, principles for life and right minded, has got it there. With knowledge RV has made me strongly believe, ‘Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value’ Thanks to RV for the me in me today…


Dheeraj Srinath, Vice-President, RVIM Alumni Association Batch : 2013-2015
Currently : Pursuing Higher studies in Data Science

Being in RVIM taught us about the finer details of being a thorough professional, like self-discipline, passion and perseverance. The institute helped us showcase our co-curricular and extra-curricular skills even as they continually honed our academic capabilities. The faculty members are extensively knowledgeable in their respective domains and enable the students to have a holistic learning experience. My experience at RVIM has made me a better person, both personally and professionally.


Roshan Ranganath, Executive Body Member, RVIM Alumni Association Batch : 2011-2013
RVIM is more a finishing school to students, providing them with umpteen opportunities to showcase their skills & abilities. My experience there was wonderful during batch 2011-13, regular interaction with experts of the industry & academia, launching us in national and international events & overwhelming exposure overall especially with our Director, Dr. T.V Raju, whose words and talks are rich with years of experience. Overall, A BIG THANK YOU TO RVIM, ITS DIRECTOR & LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST ITS HIGHLY DEDICATED & EXPERIENCED SET OF FACULTY MEMBERS.


Hemanth C, Executive Body Member, RVIM Alumni Association Batch : 2011-2013
Currently Working as : Founder, Dhyanadeep Spiritual Center and Senior Implementation Engineer, Greytip Software private limited, Bangalore

“RVIM not only focus on delivering Business strategies, Knowledge and skills, but also keen on Ethics, values that an individual needs to inculcate with in him/her”.


Punith K S, Alumni Member of RVIM Internal Quality Assurance Cell Batch : 2012 – 2014
Currently Working as : Business Analyst to CEO, Niraamaya Retreats (A Jupiter Capital Enterprise)

The MBA programme at RVIM is a top-notch option for any student seeking individual attention, knowledgeable and experienced professors, and a more personal MBA experience than a larger program could offer.

The RVIM is about transformation and I chose RVIM to help me get closer to my dreams. The curriculum, though rigorous, brought out the best in me and unearthed my leadership qualities. It not only imparts knowledge but reinforces in us the spirit of creative action. One is repeatedly confronted by hard questions and challenges which have no easy answers and a deep reflection ensues. We suddenly discover that we are capable of so much more than we had given ourselves to believe. The faculty, guest speakers and peers were of great help in accentuating my learning experience.

I simply couldn’t ask for more than what I gained from the RVIM, and I can’t say enough about the ongoing support I still receive from my former professors when I reach out for advice or an opinion four year after graduating from the programme. I can confidently claim that RVIM has given me more clarity in how I approach my thoughts, my career and my life.


SHREYAS U R Batch : 2015-2017
Currently Working as : Senior Executive in International Health Check Wing, Narayan Health City, Bangalore

RVIM is that one place where we get complete focus on Discipline and Devotion which shapes our character not only for management but FOR LIFE!!


ABHISHEK R SIRUR Batch : 2015-2017
Currently Working as : APC Channel, Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance Ltd

One of the Best and Quality Education Institute in Bangalore, one can expect good education and placement from RV Institute of Management. Best of luck!!!


Akshay Shukla Batch : 2013-2015
Currently Working as : Business Development Manager, GoodGo
RVIM is always to me a place of memories it has given. I have found the Teachers who not only taught me the subjects but also taught me the values and disciplines which are way more important than other things in the life outside the college and in the corporate world.

Most of the students pursue MBA for the sake of securing a good job and that’s what makes RVIM special. The placements here are the best anyone can see in Bangalore with good companies coming to college with good packages as well, giving you the launch pad to excel in your career. The values, discipline, ethics and what all we learn in RVIM will definitely help you guys in your life especially in your professional life, so value those things. The brand value what RV has in market I can bet you none of the other colleges have, so let’s be proud and say that “We are from RV family”