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Guidelines and Policies

RVIM Journal of Management Research is a peer-reviewed journal published by the R. V. Institute of Management (RVIM), Bengaluru, India, since 2009. It is biennial with editions published in January and July every year. It is a peer-reviewed journal that uses a double-blind review process for evaluation and selection of all submitted materials.

Clear Editorial Policy

RVIMJMR publishes conceptual and empirical research papers, case studies and book reviews. We welcome original research contributions in the field of management and allied areas. Authors desirous of submitting their manuscripts to RVIMJMR must ensure that their papers, case studies or book reviews are not simultaneously submitted for evaluation to any other journal or publication outlet. Once a manuscript has been submitted to RVIMJMR, authors must refrain from submitting it elsewhere until they receive a decision confirming acceptance or rejection of the manuscript from the Editorial Team.

Manuscript Formatting and Submission Guidelines

All manuscripts submitted to RVIM Journal of Management Research must adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Each manuscript should be accompanied by a cover page containing the article title, the names and affiliations of all the authors along with their full postal address, cell phone numbers and email address. Details of the authors' name and affiliation should not appear anywhere else in the manuscript to facilitate double-blind review. In the case of multiple authors, the cover page also should indicate the corresponding author.

2. A separate sheet should be prepared containing the title of the manuscript and an abstract of about 150-250 words with a maximum of six key words (in alphabetical order).

3. The manuscript itself must contain the title, abstract and content, including all text, tables, figures and references, but must exclude author identifying information. To submit the manuscript, please attach all three files containing the cover, abstract and content and mail them to: rvimjournal@gmail.com or journal.rvim@rvei.edu.in

4. The recommended length for manuscripts is 5,000-6,000 words, inclusive of tables, figures and references for both research papers and case studies. A book review is expected to have a maximum length of 1,500 words.

5. The text must be formatted in Times New Roman font with size 12 and one-and-a-half line spacing with 1-inch margins on all four sides of the page. Page numbers must be centered at the bottom of the page in Times New Roman font with size 10. All tables and figures must be serially numbered. All tables and figures should carry explanatory notes or legends for clarity and should indicate their source. All abbreviations should be expanded. All exhibits should be in black and white only.

6. Reference formatting for all manuscript submissions must be in line with the 6th Edition guidelines prescribed by the American Psychological Association (APA 6). Authors must acknowledge original sources for all materials they have drawn upon, and should cite or quote them as appropriate. All references listed at the end of the manuscript must be cited Please see: http://www.apastyle.org for more details.

7. Once a manuscript is selected for publication in RVIM Journal of Management Research, the authors must assign the copyright in favor of the journal using the Copyright Assignment Form (CAF). Authors are fully responsible for obtaining permissions in respect of original materials from other copyrighted sources that they have used directly or indirectly in their manuscript and must provide written evidence of the same to the journal prior to publication.

8. Once assigned, the copyright transferred by the author rests solely with RVIM Journal of Management Research in respect of the material submitted and for its subsequent use and/or dissemination in any form or medium, individually or in any collection or other configuration, including print, audio-video, electronic or otherwise. Unless authorized in writing, no part of the material published in RVIM Journal of Management Research may be reproduced, photocopied, or stored in a retrieval system (electronic or otherwise) and be used for commercial or for other purposes.

All manuscript submissions and related correspondence should be addressed to:

The Chief Editor

RVIM Journal of Management Research
R. V. Institute of Management
#CA-17, 26th Main, 36th Cross, 4th ‘T’ Block, Jayanagar
Bengaluru - 560041, Karnataka


rvimjournal@gmail.com with a copy to journal.rvim@rvei.edu.in


+91-80-26547048, +91-80-42540300

Cell Phone


Selection Process

Once a manuscript is submitted for publication, it will be screened by the Editorial Team to check for: (a) the fitness of the paper for publication in the journal, and (b) its originality, by assessing the degree of similarity with published external content through standardized plagiarism checking software.

Manuscripts that pass through the preliminary screening successfully will then be subjected to a double-blind review process by two independent reviewers. Authors may be required to rework or revise their papers to incorporate the suggestions made by the reviewers and to send the revised paper back to us within the stipulated time.

The Editorial Team will then go through the revisions made by the authors and ensures that they are in line with the recommendations of the reviewers and the requirements for publication in RVIMJMR. Please note that the decision of the Editorial Team in determining the suitability of publication of a manuscript in RVIMJMR would be final and no contesting claims would be entertained from the authors at this stage.

Once a manuscript is selected for publication, the authors would be required to assign the copyright for their submission to RVIM Journal of Management Research by using the Copyright Assignment Form (CAF). This is an essential requirement to ensure the publication of their research paper, case study or book review in RVIMJMR in line with internationally-accepted publication ethics and norms.

Guidelines and Ethical Obligations for Authors

  • The author shall present an accurate and complete account of research performed. The author should have conducted the research leading to the paper, in accordance with the generally accepted ethical standards.
  • The corresponding author shall have obtained the approval of all co-authors of the paper before submission.
  • Ghost authorship and Gift authorship are not allowed.
  • The material submitted in the form of the paper shall be original.
  • Paper-based on prior research work shall be honestly attributed.
  • The manuscript shall contain figures or materials copied from other sources with proper written permission for such use.
  • The author shall find and cite the original publications that have presented similar work.
  • The author shall not make a personal reference to an earlier author.
  • The author has the ethical obligation to notify the editor, should any of the statements to the above list cease to be true.

Guidelines and Ethical Obligations for Peer Reviewers

  • The peer reviewer should agree to review manuscripts for which they have the subject expertise.
  • The peer reviewer should respect the confidentiality of peer review and should not reveal any details of the manuscript or its review.
  • The peer reviewer should not use the information from the paper for personal gains.
  • The peer reviewer should disclose all potential conflicts of interests (Personal, Professional, and Financial) to the editor.
  • The peer reviewer should not allow his views to be influenced by the origins of a manuscript; by nationality, religion, political belief, gender, or other characteristics of the author.
  • The peer reviewer shall be objective and constructive in his views and avoid derogatory remarks in reviews.
  • The peer reviewer shall ensure meticulous timeliness in forwarding the review to the editor.
  • The peer reviewer should keep all manuscripts and review details confidential.

The Journal’s Policy towards Piracy and Plagiarism

The journal does not permit misconduct like piracy and plagiarism on the part of author/s. The unauthorized reproduction or use of ideas, data, or methods from others without adequate permission or acknowledgement is piracy and it will not be allowed.

Plagiarism is a form of piracy that involves the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language (including figures, images, or tables) and thoughts of others. The author is forbidden to use the representation of these as one’s own original work without permission or acknowledgement by the original author of the source of these materials. This is a serious commitment on the part of the author of the paper submitted for publication. Such a paper will be rejected. Plagiarism also applies to researchers’ duplication of their own previously published reports without acknowledgement.

The journal never allows instances of piracy and plagiarism. The journal will take legal or other steps to curb this menace and this anti-academic activity.

Keep Image Integrity

The image shall be properly kept. It is not acceptable to enhance, obscure, move, remove, or introduce a specific feature within an image. Manipulating images for improved clarity is accepted, but manipulation for other purposes could be seen as scientific ethical abuse.

  • Screening for image manipulation,
  • Recognizing the text/ data from a prior text,
  • Google searching of portions of text, and
  • Screening for plagiarism, using software Turnitin.

Action on Discovery of Misconduct

RVIM Journal of Management Research takes action as misconduct is alleged against any paper submitted by an author:

  • The journal suspends peer reviews internally.
  • The journal soon after notifies others also on the issue.
  • The editor informs the author/authors of the paper on the misconduct involved.
  • The editor notifies the institution that employs the author/authors on the misconduct involved.

Journal’s Archiving Policy

Copy of every journal is kept for display in the Library and in IQAC of R V Institute of management, and all the back copies of the journal since its inception in 2009, are archived in the library store. The digital copy of every journal since its inception in 2009, is in the website: www.rvin.edu.in/journal and on our server.

ISSN listed in Paris Print

The Journal has been listed as ISSN-0974- 6722.

Copyright of journals:

Copyright of all contents in the journal including articles published therein will be the right of RVIM Journal of Management Research