Process and Practices



Subject Knowledge proficiency and Application
Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Communication, Presentation and Negotiation skills
Data Analysis, problem solving and Decision making
Global Orientation and Cultural Sensitization
People Management, Leadership and Team Orientation

Research Aptitude, Critical Thinking and Cognitive Flexibility

Self-Awareness, Self-Reflection and Lifelong learning
Social Responsibility, Ethical Behavior, Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development
IT Skills & Business Analytics


Graduates will demonstrate comprehensive knowledge in their functional domains and apply it to professional practice
Graduates will show entrepreneurial orientation by demonstrating creativity and Innovation in professional and personal situations
Graduates will convey ideas and information effectively to a range of audiences and be able to negotiate


Graduates will apply logical, critical and creative thinking to solve a range of problems for data-based decision making
Graduates will be able to understand and appreciate people from different cultures and nationalities. Operate effectively in cross-cultural settings, understanding the nature of globalization
Graduates will Lead themselves and others in the achievement of organizational goals, contributing effectively to a team environment


Graduates will be able to think critically with cognitive flexibility and develop an

aptitude towards research


Graduates will understand their own self and their reflections on others and

engage in lifelong learning

Graduates will adapt to a rapidly changing environment through learning and applying newer skills and become socially responsible and ethically driven citizens committed to inclusive growth and sustainable development
Graduates will be able to use contemporary information technology tools and techniques independently to enhance productivity and strengthen decision making skills



PEO 1:  Graduates will be able to demonstrate effective decision making, cognitive flexibility, and problem solving capability and adapt to the                                 changing global environment

PEO 2:  Graduates will be capable of innovating, starting new entrepreneurial ventures and be a lifelong learner with multidisciplinary research                                aptitude

PEO 3:  Graduates will be able to think critically; communicate effectively; demonstrate analytical skills, team spirit and leadership qualities

PEO 4:  Graduates will be able to demonstrate professional values, cultural sensitization, ethical behavior and integrity

PEO 5:  Graduates will be responsible global citizens and contribute towards inclusive growth and sustainable development of the society


1.    Apply knowledge of management theories and practices to solve business problems with required abilities to understand, analyze and
communicate global, economic, societal, cultural, legal and ethical aspects of business

2.    Foster Analytical and critical thinking abilities for data-driven decision making

3.    Ability to develop value based leadership to lead themselves and others in the achievement of organizational goals and contributing effectivelyto a team environment through effective communication and Negotiation skills

4.    Ability to identify business opportunities, frame innovative solutions and launch new business ventures or be an intrapreneur

5.    Ability to deal with contemporary issues using multi-disciplinary approach with the help of advanced Management and IT tools and techniques

6.    Ability to apply domain specific knowledge and skills to build competencies in their respective functional area

7.    Ability to engage in research and consultancy work with cognitive flexibility to create new knowledge and be a lifelong learner

8.    Ability to understand social responsibility and contribute to the community for inclusive growth and sustainable development of society through
ethical behavior