Dr.Purushottam Bung, Professor and Director
For Full papers please contact: director.rvim@rvei.edu.in or director@rvim.edu.in

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Name :Dr. Noor Firdoos Jahan
Designation : Professor and Coordinator, Department of Marketing
For full paper contact email id  : noorfirdoos.rvim@rvei.edu.in

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Name  : Dr. Anupama Malagi
Designation : Professor, Department of Human Resource  Management
For full paper contact email id   : anupama.malagi@gmail.com

S.No Title Click PDF to download
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Name : Dr. A.NarasimaVenkatesh
Designation  : Associate Professor, Department of H R
For full paper contact email id     : narasimavenkatesh.rvim@rvei.edu.in

S.N Title Click PDF to download
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Smt. Anitha BM D’Silva

S.No Title Click PDF to download
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New Dimensions of Management in the Globalized Era- 2017”
By Shanlax Publications
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Name  :Ms. Sowmya D.S
Designation  : AssistantProfessor
For full paper contact email id  : sowmyads.rvim@rvei.edu.in

S.No Title Click PDF to download
1 Managing Management Education: A
Current Scenario

Ms. Pavithra S T

S.No Title Click PDF to download
1 Managing Management Education: A
Current Scenario

Name  :Ms.Rashmi Shetty
Designation : AssistantProfessor
For full paper contact email id   : rashmishetty.rvim@rvei.edu.in

S.No Title Click PDF to download
1 Faculty Engagement – Key to Academic Excellence

2. Improving the EQ level of students through mentoring – A blue ocean strategy for organizational effectiveness

Name :Dileep
Designation : AssistantProfessor
For full paper contact email id  : dileep.rvim@rvei.edu.in

S.No Title Click PDF to download
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