The Career Development Center at RVIM is an integral part of the institution. The department aims at providing quality placement opportunities for students and preparing them for fruitful careers in their respective industries. The placement cell is dedicated to facilitate and guide students in achieving the right career objectives.


  • To create awareness among students regarding various career opportunities

  • To act as a bridge between students, alumni, and employers

  • To train and prepare students for the corporate sector

Placement Activities

  • On/off-campus placements

  • Updation of recruiters’ list

  • Placement brochures

  • Industrial visits/tours


At RV Institute of Management, we believe that entrepreneurs of today will run the nation in the coming times. The Centre for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Incubation functions in order to facilitate and contribute towards the training and building of startups and to drive students towards entrepreneurial development.


  • To instill the spirit of entrepreneurship among students

  • To provide relevant information on successful startups, projects, etc.

  • To be a catalyst in empowering women entrepreneurs

  • To work with rural entrepreneurs and lead rural empowerment


The Centre for Wellness is an initiative to create a better and healthy environment for students and faculty. Various programmes are conducted to keep the students well informed about mental and physical fitness.


  • Stress management programmes

  • Yoga club activities

  • Health camp with diagnostic facilities

  • Dental camp for oral hygiene education

  • Cycling, trekking, and adventure camps

  • First aid training and emergency support

  • Suicide prevention and depression management


  • Bangalore University recognized R V Institute of Management as a Research Centre for the purpose of offering PhD program in Management on 18th June 2009
  • Since then we have been promoting research and offering Ph.D program under the University through the research Centre


Charter: Research and Consultancy Centre

  • To promote research in different domains of Management
  • To Promote research-based teaching to make class-room learning more meaningful and practical.
  • Mentoring research scholars to develop their abilities and competencies in research.
  • To offer workshops and Conferences on innovative research methods and techniques to researchers
  • To publish quality research work.

Research policy

  • Faculty are encouraged to take up consultancy assignment and the faculty can retain 60% of their revenue and share 40% with the institute.
  • Faculty are encouraged to attend FDPs, MDPs, Workshops and conferences organized by reputed institutions and institute will sponsor the same.
  • Also Funds research projects of faculty based on the proposals submitted by the faculty.


For Faculty:

  • Motivating and supporting the faculty members to publish more research papers and to participate and present their papers in the conferences.
  • Conducting workshops for the faculty members to support them in their research work
  • To encourage faculty to identify opportunities for the funded projects and submit proposals for the same.
  • To encourage and support faculty to complete their minor and major projects on time.
  • To encourage and support faculty to write at least two case studies in a year.

For Research Scholars:

  • Meeting with research scholars will be held continuously on monthly basis on every second Saturday.
  • Guiding the scholars in their research work as per their requirement
  • Collecting progress report from the scholars on monthly basis and submitting the consolidated report to the director.
  • Conducting workshops for the scholars to support them in their research work.
  • Creating and maintaining database of research scholars (internal and external) associated with RVIMRC
  • Motivating and supporting scholars to publish more research papers and to participate and present their papers in the conferences.

For Students:

  • To orient students towards research and to involve them in the research activities with the faculty members.
  • To encourage and support students to present papers in the conferences.
  • The research center with all the facilities and senior faculty who have completed their PhD and capable of guiding research work are always available in the center to assist the research aspirants in their work.
  • To provide intellectual access to information and ideas through movies, videos and audio with support of update technology for a diverse student population whose needs are changing rapidly.
  • To promote learning and the edutainment of viewing, and listening.
  • To provide infrastructure and expertise in the use of information and instructional technologies. (Labs, Smart boards, audio, recording, screening, and storing infrastructure).
  • Encourage discussion and analysis from different perspectives. Bringing students & faculty together to share learning experiences.


The Centre for Alumni Relations of RVIM was created with the sole purpose of building a strong alumni base for the institution. The department conducts its annual alumni meet ‘Sammilana’, to bring past graduates together. Panel discussions are also put together with alumni members, moderated by Dr. A Narasimha Venkatesh, Associate Professor and Coordinator, Alumni Relations.


The Centre for Knowledge Resources was established by RVIM as a tribute to the Indian library science. The department celebrates Librarian’s Day annually, as a reminder of the significance of books and library culture. Various discussions and trainings are also organised to discuss the new technologies that can be introduced in libraries.


The Centre for Social Responsibility at RVIM was initiated to work towards social and community development programmes. It conducts environmental awareness programmes on a regular basis, both in and outside campus. The department also works together with international organisations and NGOs to implement community development programmes.

CSR Programmes and Activities

  • Identification of voluntary blood donors

  • Etiquette for auto drivers

  • Road safety for school children

  • Visits to orphanages

  • Providing support for blind schools

  • Digital literacy for senior citizens


The Centre for International Collaborations was formed to establish active collaborations with international institutions. The department aims at providing wide exposure and instilling cross-cultural skills to both students and faculty.

Active Collaborations

  • Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education, United Kingdom

  • Deutsche Management Akademie, Germany

  • City of Glasgow College, United Kingdom and Scotland

  • WSB University, Poland

  • Austin University, United States of America

Centre for International Collaborations- Activities during 2019

  • Inauguration of Institute of Productivity, UK, Centre for India at RVIM on February 25, 2019

  • Signed MoU with DMAN, Germany: Planning local seminar on industry 4.0

  • Signed MoU with Institute of Productivity, UK: Participating in World Productivity Congress

  • Signed MoU with City College of Glasgow, Scotland: first batch visited

  • Signed MoU with WSB University, Poland: Exploring Masters after NOCN Diploma

  • Signed MoU with NOCN, UK: started NOCN International Centre

  • Organised Interaction with Prof Daniel Khan, COO, IOP, UK on the theme “International Immersion experience as an effective pedagogical tool”on September 6, 2019

  • Dr. Mike Dillon and Richard Grice (IOP); Ms. Carla and Prof. Ranjit (CCG); Mr. Stephen (NOCN) Prof. Michael Dixon from Columbia Business School, Prof. from FSHW Germany; Ms. Fathima from Maldives; …. Visited RVIM

  • Ms Carla Murray, Director, International Collaborations and Dr Ranjit from City of Glasgow College, Scotland visited RVIM on 12th Nov 2019 and addressed the students about the international immersion programme.

The Center for Examinations has been aimed to control and regulate the Examination activities & Evaluation process which is supervised by the COE. The conduct of Examinations in the autonomous system is an essential academic activity to check the capability of the student’s performance. In this perspective, the Center for Examinations plays a vital role in the evaluation process, at each and every stage in the evaluation process, including Continuous Internal assessment (CIA) and Semester End Examinations (SEE).

The Office of Controller Examinations being the key office and overseer of assessment records offers quality support to the students and stakeholders in all circles of assessment matters. It is our obligatory responsibility to keep the procedures proficient and straightforward with respectability, secrecy, and quality assistance as it is enslaved in our basic beliefs. The Office of the Controller of Examinations has a well-developed process augmenting the complete stream of activities with respect to its Centre capacities.


Process and Practices:

Centre for Financial Market and Research allows the training of tomorrow’s financial managers to make informed decisions. It would also support and enhance academic research with the availability of extensive historical and real-time data. The vision of the Centre for Financial Market and Research is to provide cutting-edge research and teaching on Financial Markets. To realize this vision the Centre intends to:

  • To provide students with hands-on data analysis and modelling experience through access to real-time financial data, market information, business news, and financial analysis software.
  • To conduct Periodic programs On Contemporary Financial Market Issues and host Workshops and Conferences Involving Scholars and Practitioners.
  • To apply finance concepts to real-world scenarios

Currently, the CFMR is equipped with NSMART Software and Ticker market view terminal. 


NSMART-Simulated Market Trading application reproduces features of a live equity/derivative/currency derivative market on trading terminals for students to practice and learn trading securities without financial risk. The NSMART-Simulated Market Trading application can be used to test your strategies before you trade, train traders and investors on the fundamentals of trading, and also to set up a mock/virtual trading environment. NSE SMART Application Trading Simulation application is a web-based application and can be accessed through exe file and web-based applications. 

Ticker MVT

Ticker MVT flagship integrated cross-asset market data platform for real-time streaming quotes, market news and analytics with information on domestic and international exchanges as well as OTC markets. This real-time market data platform delivers ultra-low latency, Tick-By-Tick data for stock, commodity & currency and features with completely customizable screens, advanced charting, comprehensive and advanced technical analysis as well as economic data.


  • Regular sessions to familiarize students with the basics of these terminals and to help them become well-versed with the platform.
  • Webinars by executives from NSMART and Ticker to impart knowledge about advanced features of the platform.
  • A series of workshops as a part of the academic curriculum based on Equities and Portfolio Analytics, Multiple Asset Classes, and Technical Analysis.
  • Certification courses on NMSART and Ticker 

Faculty Coordinator: Dr Tamizharasi, Professor, Department of Finance, RVIM

Higher Education in the present days has evolved significantly and needs to cater to a globalized scenario. In this context, it becomes imperative for the faculty members to hone their existing skills, develop new skills and learn the nuances of the art, philosophy and science of teaching thereby making the overall teaching-learning process more enjoyable and engaging.

RVIM Teaching Learning Centre strives towards achieving the following objectives:

  • Introduction to Business Analytics

  • Data Mining and Predictive Modelling

  • Business Intelligence

  • Social Web and Mobile Analytics

About Certification Course
Certification Course on Predictive Analytics using R

Harvard Business Review in one of its articles rated ‘Business analytics’ as “The most exciting job of the 21st century”. The article highlighted the growing demand for Business Analysts, Data Professionals and Data Scientists, due to the increasing importance of data-driven decision-making in various industries. As it involves a combination of skills from computer science, statistics, and domain expertise making it a unique and highly sought-after profession.

RV Institute of Management, Center for Business Analytics(CBA) in association with Boston IT Solutions India Pvt. Ltd, headquartered in London, UK, is launching an industry-curated Certification Course on Predictive Analytics using R. The course is designed to introduce students to the fundamental concepts of predictive modeling and equip them with the required skills to analyze and interpret data using the R programming language. The course will cover various topics such as data manipulation and transformation, exploratory data analysis, regression analysis, classification techniques and model validation. Students will also learn how to use data visualization tools to effectively communicate their findings and insights.

The course will provide hands-on exposure in using R programming language to build and validate cutting-edge Machine Learning (ML) models to tackle industry-specific challenges. On successful completion of the course, students will have a good understanding of predictive analytics and will be able to apply R programming skills to solve real-world problems. Additionally, students will acquire the ability to effectively communicate their findings and insights through innovative graphs, tables and dashboards.

Further, the course focuses on extensive coverage of widely used real-time applications like Fraud Detection, Customer Lifetime Value Analysis (CLTV), Market Basket Analysis, Customer Segmentation, Churn Prediction, etc. With the knowledge and skills gained from this course, participants can aspire to become Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, and Business Analysts. These jobs often come with high salaries and job security.

Hence this course is an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking to advance their careers and increase their earning potential.
About RVIM
RV Institute of Management, also known as RVIM, is a premier Autonomous B-School located in Jayanagar, Bangalore, the silicon valley of India. RVIM is part of Rashtreeya Sikhsana Samithi Trust (RSST) and RV Group of Institutions. RVIM was established in the year 1999 with the objective of imparting quality management education to students who aspire to become future business leaders.

RVIM is affiliated to Bengaluru City University and is approved by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) and recognized by the Government of Karnataka. RVIM is accredited with NAAC A+ and QS-I gauge diamond certification. The institute offers two-year full-time MBA program with various specializations such as Business Analytics, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship and Startup, Marketing, Finance and Human Resource Management.

The faculty members at RVIM are highly experienced and well-qualified, with a rich blend of academic and industry experience. They use various innovative pedagogical tools such as case studies, simulations, industry visits, live projects, etc. to make the learning process engaging and practical.

RVIM has state-of-the-art infrastructure, ICT & AV enabled classrooms, a well-stocked library, computer labs, 24x7 LMS access, WI-FI enabled campus, etc. The institute also has a Centre for Career Development that help students in placements & internships.
About Centre for Business Analytics (CBA)
The center is established with the sole objective of equipping students with the essential skills required to prepare for an exciting career in business and data analytics. It enables the students to master analytical skills to solve different real-world problems. The center has a state-of-the-art infrastructure with a well-stocked library on analytics and a well-equipped business analytics lab with i7 systems, and associated software for data analytics.


1. To develop the required competencies in the domains of business analytics among students through effective teaching-learning evaluation.

2. To develop the competencies among faculty for undertaking quality research in the area of business analytics.

3. To establish, nurture and grow the industry & institutional linkages in the area of business analytics.

4. To offer consultancy services to businesses, NGOs, and government agencies in the area of business analytics.
About Boston IT Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
Boston IT Solutions India Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore has been operating in India since 2009. Boston India has been growing steadily since its inception and now has offices at key locations in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Delhi. The parent company of Boston Limited was founded in the year 1992 in London, UK. Boston has expanded its operations globally and has been providing IT solutions and AI training for a long time. Boston India is a cutting-edge technology solutions provider, operating via a global network of reseller partners originating from a high-performance, mission-critical server, and storage solutions background. Boston now offers training and consultancy to make technology easily available to everyone. It offers structured and highly customizable courses backed by world-class infrastructure, tools, techniques and delivered by global experts. It also offers consultancy services for Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and broader technology-related topics.
Course Outcome:

Upon completion of the predictive analytics using R course, students should be able to:

  1. Understand the fundamental concepts like regression, decision tree, clustering and many more techniques of predictive analytics and apply them to real-world problems.
  2. Analyze and transform data using R programming language.
  3. Conduct exploratory data analysis to identify patterns, trends, and relationships in data.
  4. Build and evaluate predictive models using regression analysis and classification techniques.
  5. Validate and optimize predictive models for improved performance.
  6. Use data visualization techniques to effectively communicate findings and Insights.
Syllabus Outline:

This course on analytics covers a wide range of topics, including Business Analytics, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP). The syllabus covers frameworks in predictive analytics, data preparation, inferential statistics, supervised and unsupervised machine learning. The course also covers natural language processing techniques such as text analytics, sentimental analysis and vectorization. Overall, this syllabus provides a comprehensive overview of essential concepts and techniques in analytics, making it an excellent choice for those seeking to learn the latest trends in data analytics and machine learning.

Duration: One Month of training sessions on R (50 hours)

Click here for detailed syllabi:

Evaluation Plan:

Certificate will be awarded to the candidates on completion of the following:

  1. Minimum 75% attendance & class participation throughout the program (50%Weightage)
  2. Successful completion of the capstone project, presentation and viva voce (50%Weightage)
Capstone Project Guidelines:

1.      Data analysis should be conducted on as per CRISP DM Methodology or TDSP framework.
2.      Minimum Sample Size: 500, Minimum variable size: 15, Minimum Window Period of data analysis: 1 year.
3.      Mentor allocation will be done by RVIM to guide the Mentees.
4.      Data Source: Real-time corporate data or Kaggle data, Github data, NSE data or GOI Census Data, etc.
5.      Project Plan should contain the following:
Business Objective / Problem Statement
Data Understanding
Data Preparation

6.      Minimum Number of pages for capstone project report: 10
7.      Maximum number of pages:  25
8.      The final report (after the submission) will be checked for plagiarism using the available tool by the institution. The similarity index should be less than 25%.
9.      The project can also be sponsored by the company.
10.  Capstone Project should be completed within one month.

Important Dates:
Date Particulars
30th April 2023 Last date for Registration


3rd May 2023 Launch of Certificate Couse on Predictive Analytics Using R
4th May 2023 Commencement of Classes
31st May 2023 End of the training session on Predictive Analytics Using R
1st June 2023 to 30th June 2023 Capstone Project
8th July 2023 Project Viva Voce
15th July 2023 Awarding of the Certification

Venue:  Centre for Business Analytics, RV Institute of Management, Jayanagar 4th T Block, Bangalore -560041

Timings for the training session:  6.30 pm to 9.00 pm (from Monday to Friday)

Mode:  Hybrid (Online/Offline)

The Centre for Peace & Yoga at RV Institute of Management (RVIM) is an oasis dedicated to fostering holistic well-being, tranquility, and personal development within the academic environment.At its core, the Centre for Peace & Yoga embodies the philosophy of nurturing the body, mind, and spirit. It offers a range of activities and programs that cater to the holistic development of students, faculty, and staff. The primary focus is on promoting physical fitness, mental clarity, emotional balance and inner peace through the practice of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.


  • To train all the students, staff and other stakeholders for overall wellbeing through practicing the Ashtanga Yoga philosophy of Patanjali Muni.
  • To ensure holistic development and growth for both students and staff in all dimensions, encompassing physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.
  • To spread the knowledge and wisdom of ancient Indian tradition, philosophy, heritage, and value system including Yoga.
  • To foster inner peace, holistic wellness, and personal growth through adoption of the teachings and practice of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.


    • Yoga and Meditation Classes under Health and Wellness – 2 credit course: Including Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, or specialized sessions focusing on mindfulness and meditation techniques. These classes aim to promote physical flexibility, mental relaxation, and spiritual growth.
    • Workshops and Retreats: Conduct workshops, seminars on Food and Nutrition, General First Aid, Human Anatomy, etc. along with holistic wellness, stress management, and personal development. These events include themes like mindfulness, stress reduction techniques, breathing exercises, and sessions on fostering emotional resilience.
    • Community Outreach Programs: Organize outreach programs in collaboration with local communities, schools, or organizations to spread awareness about the benefits of yoga, meditation, and peace-building practices.
    • Collaborations: Collaborated with Indian Yoga Associations, now operating as an Associate Centre – IYA and offer a wide range of short duration courses in yoga like Foundation course in Yoga.
    • Peace-building Workshops and Advocacy: Conduct workshops, discussions, or forums focusing on Universal Human Values (UHV), peacebuilding, conflict resolution, and fostering harmonious relationships.