Two Week Taster Programme on Productivity and Innovation At Grimsby University Centre, U K, 15.05.2017- 29.05.2017
Student Exchange Program with universities / institutes abroad promotes a greater understanding of the multi-faceted international issues and increases the competencies of students who will live and work in an increasingly interdependent globalized world. For the first time in the history of mankind the importance of global citizenship has emerged. An exposure to the global and multi-cultural environment of working is well appreciated and much needed by transnational companies and Indian corporate houses alike. SEP provides a unique opportunity for the students to enrich their academic experience and widen their career horizons.

Keeping this need in mind, RVIM has entered into alliances with foreign universities to provide international cross-cultural and skill exposure to our students. The aim is to provide a platform to our students to expand their horizon & provide exposure to different learning / training methods. The program also aims at having a faculty exchange program to leverage the strength of respective institutions and share knowledge, teaching methods and experiences. This is part of RVIM’s Academic Excellence programme through collaboration with leading institutes abroad for short term certification programs, research, academic content enrichment and students / distinguished Faculty exchange.

Synthesis of the Two Week Programme:
The programme was a blend of class room sessions, activities, industrial visits and also sight -seeing trips during free time.
The class room sessions emphasized on action-led teaching / activity based teaching so as to make learning more effective. The concepts pertaining to productivity and its enhancement were very effectively imparted using different activities like Golf Rig activity, Buckingham Game and so on. The students were able to understand the concepts easily.

The visit to the innovation centre was educative since the students got an opportunity to see and experience the advanced technology aided equipments which are used in the teaching process.

The industrial visits, visit to the docks and the fish market, visit to Freeman Street market, etc., provided the students with lot of practical knowledge.
The sight-seeing trips organized during the free time were enjoyable and gave an opportunity to see the historical places.

Key Takeaways of the Programme:
The learning from the two week Taster Programmehas been presented from three different perspectives namely :

  1. Students’ perspective
  2. Faculty perspective
  3. Administrative perspective


  1. Action –led learning / Activity-based learning generally in smaller groups. Enhanced effectiveness and better understanding
  2. Industrial visits- wherein inputs regarding ways and means of improving productivity
  3. Identifying the 7 wastes and minimizing the wastes
  4. Opportunity  to interact with the experts in the domain (Industry)
  5. Time Management


  1. Extensive use of technology in teaching
  2. Opportunity to regularly interact with industry experts
  3. Involving industry experts in designing the curriculum
  4. Active role of Innovation Centre in identifying faculty requirements ( in terms of technology support ) in the teaching-learning process  and addressing those needs.
  5. Compulsory training in Teaching Essentials for the newly recruited faculty members.
  6. Enhanced emphasis on research
  7. Membership with CIPD ( Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) for online courses.


  1. Student Enrolment Process – The issue of ID cards to the students is done on the day of their reporting to college on Day 1.
  2. Welcome Kit ( Bag with College name printed ) including-
  3. Brief profile of the Institution
  4. Code of Conduct Form
  5. Tag for the ID card
  6. Note pad and pen
  7. Details about the course
  8. Time table copy

Valedictory Programme:
The Leavers’ Event was conducted on 25th May 2017. Certificates were awarded to the students and also students were given an opportunity express their views/opinions about the programme. The Vice-Principal addressed the students and expressed his happiness about the performance of RVIM students in the final presentations that they made before the valedictory event.