3.3.1 The institution has a stated Code of Ethics to check malpractices and plagiarism in Research (1)

Provide upload the URL having code of ethics Whether Colleges have been provided access to plagiarism detecting software (Yes/No) Mechanism for detecting plagiarism 
Code of Ethics in Research   Yes RV Institute of Management contemplates every component of plagiarism and other forms of malpractice/plagiarism to be a solemn issue, and this procedure defines malpractice/plagiarism from both student and staff perspective. It is ought to be read in conjunction with the relevant Staff and Student Disciplinary Policy and Procedures. This procedure is applicable to all students and staff at all department levels.
1. Identifying malpractice/plagiarism:
The institution identifies the malpractice/plagiarism of research works/publications with the help of online sources. The institution forwards the publications/research works/thesis for submission only after getting the plagiarism check (min 20%) certificate from the sister concern institute which uses turnitin software.
2. Dealing with malpractice/plagiarism:
The malpractice/plagiarism committee comprises of four member team, will establish and take care of the issues and complaints regarding the plagiarism and will submit the report after thorough investigation and recommends the disciplinary action to be imposed within a period of 15 days of compliant.
The member comprises:
1) Director
2) Member Coordinator (Research and Consultancy)
3) Respective coordinators of the Department
4) Subject Experts