Workshop on “Equity Power Lesson”

Workshop on “Equity Power Lesson”

The Department of Finance, RVIM conducted a half-day workshop on 1st October2018, on “Equity Power Lesson”. Participants for the workshop include the III Semester students Section- C (finance students).

Mr.Dileep, Assistant Professor Department of Finance, RVIM introduced the key speakers i.e. Mr. Vijay Ragavan, Ms. Koteswari, Mr. Ram Rao and Mr. Abhijithto the audience and made vote of thanks and context of the workshop.

Context of the Workshop:
Financial Planning gives everyone clarity in life, provides direction & meaning to their financial decisions. It is also important because it gives people a plan to achieve their financial goals in different life stages. Everyone have wishes which go unfulfilled due to insufficient funds with them which is a result of improper planning of their funds. It was mainly focused on learning the areas where an individual fails in managing his/her funds effectively. One of the main aims of the workshop was to ensure that as a future working group, students should be able to invest their funds efficiently by using the appropriate methods discussed today. It will also help them to understand the importance of stock market.

Session 1: Introduction to Investment
Ms.Koteswari began the session of basic meaning of investment. Here she discussed about needs and goals of an investment with relevant examples and various factors need to be considers before investment.

Mr. Vijay Ragavan M D Stockathon, he discussed about the main objective of this workshop is to bridge the gap between academic lessons with practical exposer. The session starts with basic discussion of what is investment? Why need to invest? When need to enter into market? and How to invest money into stock market? Meaning of investment and different channels of investments are available to an investors was the main discussion in the session. Also discussed the important factor one should understand before the investment is risk level.

Session 2: Avenues of Investment
In the second session he discussed about avenues of investment and that he is compared to Equity market; avenues are;

  • Equity
  • Fixed Income/Debt
  • Cash and cash equivalents
  • Real Estate
  • Commodities
  • Gold
  • Other Alternative Assets

Further with the avenues of investment here the team also discussed how fundamental analysis will help for an investor.

Sessions Topic Resource Persons
Session 2
10.45am – 01.15pm
Equity Power Lesson Stockathon Team
(Mr. Vijay Ragavan, Ms. Koteswari, Mr. Ram Rao)

Resource Person: Ms. Koteswari, Member of Stockathon Academy,addressing the students on Basics of Investment.

Resource Person: Ms. Koteswari, Member of Stockathon Academy, addressing the students on Basics of Investment.

Resource Person: Ms. Koteswari, Member of Stockathon Academy, addressing the students on Basics of Investment.