Movie clubs

Movie Clubs
The Movie Club at R.V.Institute of Management was inaugurated in the Media Centre by Dr.Purshottam Bung, Director, and RVIM on July 05, 2018.The purpose of this club is mainly learning through interaction and discussion around the theme. The activities carried out by the Movie Club will encourage students to develop a different perception towards films and help them in appreciating the movie the art and creative. A classic film depicting climate change impact “BLUE PLANET” was screened during the inauguration session. Faculty and students shall have a privilege membership in the movie club. The club is coordinated by three faculty members which includeProf.Nagasubba Reddy, Prof.AnithaD’Silva&Prof.Rashmi Shetty.

The club has following objectives

  • Screening movies/documentary that focus on the managerial skills like leadership, team spirit, group dynamics, creativity, and self-motivation.
  • Screening interesting & unique movies to acquaint the students with various socio ethnic &cultural backgrounds
  • Encourage discussion and analysis from various perspectives. Bringing students& faculty together to share experiences.
  • Recording of audio and video lectures to support student learning
  • Encourage to shot short inspirational movies/films/videos from faculty members and students.

Co-ordinating Team

  • The club is coordinated by three faculty members: Mr.Nagasubba Reddy, Ms.AnithaD’Silva&Ms.Rashmi Shetty with the support of the DirectorDr.Purushottam Bung, Director, R.V.Institute of Management.
  • All faculty members are by default part of the club.
  • The club coordinating team  will include 2 students from each division (Juniors and seniors)
  • Interested students have to register voluntarily to become the club members.

Screening of Movies/documentary

  • At least 1 movie / documentary will be screened every month after the approval screening committee.
  • Before the screening of the movie there will be a briefing about the movie followed by de briefing after the screening.
  • Movies will be screened on Thursdays in the afternoon session i.e from 3.00 pm  to 5.00 pm