The highly ranked SMU Online MSDS (MS in Data Science) program is now available in India. This program is ranked #4 in the list of Online Master’s Program in Data Sciences in the US. (Source: Best colleges ranking for Best Online Master’s in Data Science Program of 2021). This is an excellent opportunity for students and working professionals in India to advance their career with Specialized Data Science skills.

Why DataScience@SMU

Employers are seeking data-driven candidates with the advanced technical skills and business acumen to make strategic, informed decisions in today’s global business environment.

To meet the demand, DataScience@SMU features an interdisciplinary curriculum that draws from three SMU schools: Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences, Lyle School of Engineering and Meadows School of the Arts. Students apply the tools and methods used by data science professionals to complete project-based assignments and participate in real case studies that solve organizational challenges.

Our students cultivate the skills necessary to meet the current high demand for data science professionals in various industries. The program features corporate networking opportunities that allow students to advance their career while working toward completing their degree.

Students become equipped with the critical tools needed to make well-informed decisions and immediately apply what they learn to their career. Students can choose an optional Machine Learning Specialization or Business Analytics Specialization to gain a more in-depth competency related to their interests and become sought-after professionals in the field of data science.


From the very beginning of the program, a heavy emphasis is placed on networking so that students have the opportunity to form close relationships with current and aspiring data science professionals. Students are required to attend at least one on-campus immersion during their time in the program. It is recommended that they attend in their first term. During the three- to four-day experience, students will engage with classmates, faculty, industry leaders and employers for collaborative, hands-on workshops, panels, lectures and informational sessions. Students will also return to campus at the end of the program to present their Capstone project presentations.


By choosing an area of specialization, students can master necessary skill sets and apply them directly to their career interests.

 – Machine Learning Specialization
 – Business Analytics Specialization


  • Get a Highly ranked MS Degree for your dream career in Data Science.
  • Earn your global qualification while continuing to work
  • Enhance your career potential through a globally accepted MS Degree.
  • Join the global talent pool in a field that is much in demand to become part of a high demand career path.
  • A world class program with a U.S. top ranked university at significantly lower costs.
  • An International MS is more valuable for your career than an Executive MBA at a Premier Indian institution.

Learning Objectives & Course Highlights

The online Master of Science in Data Science program matches the academic rigor and standards of SMU’s on-campus programs. Students learn techniques to effectively manage and analyze data and make strategic decisions. SAS, Python and R programming languages are used as a foundation to cultivate technical skills in areas that include statistical analysis, programming, data mining and network security.

The interdisciplinary curriculum is designed for students to develop and strengthen the following skills:

Statistical Analysis

Students will learn experimental design and methods, including developing the statistical techniques to form relevant questions, collect and analyze appropriate data and make informed decisions.

Technical Skills

Students will cultivate technical skills in statistical analysis, programming, data mining, machine learning, database management and data and network security. Both Python and R programming languages are used extensively throughout the program as the foundation of these technical skills’ applications.

Visualization and Communication

Students will not only develop the oral and written communication skills to successfully summarize and present results to non-experts in various industries, but they will also learn several approaches to data visualization, including visual and information design principles and creative coding.

Applied Data Science

Students will take an interdisciplinary approach to the practical application of analytic and mathematical principles, bringing together methods, concepts and practices in the data science field.