This program is designed with the objective to develop analytical skills among the students for data-driven decision-making and to bridge the knowledge and skill gap between the participants and the industry demand. The program i.e. Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics is a one year programme with 54 credits. The program will be delivered in collaboration with Boston IT Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. who are industry leader in the area of Analytics. Boston has expanded its operations globally and has been providing training in IT solutions and AI training for a long time. The classes will happen in a hybrid mode, in the evening during the week from Monday to Friday (6.30 till 9.00 pm) and the whole day (2.30 pm to 9.00 pm) on Saturday. The program is a rich blend of Experiential courses, Core courses, Skill Enhancement courses, Open & Functional electives and Immersive experience.

Teaching Pedagogy followed in the Course:

  • Case-Based Teaching Learning
  •  Experiential Learning
  • Project Based Learning
  • Practice-Based Learning
  • Active-Cooperative Learning
  • Immersive Learning
  • Work Integrated Learning
  • Simulation Exercises
  • Hands-on Experience
  • Hybrid Mode of Learning
  • Real World Projects                                       



IT Skills & Business Analytics: Graduates will be able to use contemporary information, technology, tools and techniques independently to enhance productivity and strengthen decision-making skills.

Subject Knowledge Proficiency & Application: Able to demonstrate comprehensive knowledge in their functional domains and apply it to professional practice.

Data Analysis, Problem-Solving and Decision-Making: Graduates will apply logical, critical and creative thinking to solve a range of problems for data-based decision-making.

Research Aptitude, Critical Thinking and Cognitive Flexibility: Graduates will be able to think critically with cognitive flexibility and develop an aptitude skill toward research.

Disciplinary Knowledge: To enhance the capability of comprehensive knowledge with a holistic approach towards recent advances in the field of business analytics and management to exhibit the skills essential for executing various business operations and resolving business problems.

Self-Awareness, Self-Reflection and Lifelong Learning: Graduates will understand their own self and their reflections on others and engage in lifelong learning.

Experiential Learning: Enables the students to analyze the situation from diverse perspectives and to widen the horizon of their thought processes.

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics (PGDBA) is a 1-year diploma course offering detailed insights into Business Analytics. The course offers a unique combination of domain knowledge in Business and Analytics to the students enrolled in the course. The course is delivered in a hybrid mode (offline/online).


  • Core Courses
Name of the Subject Semester
Business Statistics I
Introduction to Business Analytics, Data Warehousing & Data Mining I
Emerging Technologies I
Big Data Analytics II


  • Functional & Open Electives
Name of the Subject Semester
Functional Electives (Any One)
Finance & Risk Analytics II
Health Care Analytics II
Operations & Supply Chain Analytics II
HR Analytics II
Marketing & Retail Analytics II
Open Electives (Any One)
Design Thinking II
Project Management II


  • Skill Enhancement Course
Name of the Subject Semester
Advanced IT Skills I
Predictive Analytics Using R I
Data Visualization & Story Telling Using Tableau II
Machine Learning Using Python II


  • Experiential Learning
Name of the Subject Semester
Econometrics for Decision Making I
Prescriptive Analytics II
Web & Social Media Analytics II


  • Capstone Project
Name of the Subject Semester
Real World Capstone Project II
  • 1-year program to be delivered in hybrid mode
  • Rigorous selection process based on eligibility criteria and personal interview
  • Hands-on training on real-life data sets
  • Exposure to Cutting Edge software (R, Python, Tableau, PowerBI, EViews, Tora, SQL, HIVE, Spark) and Machine Learning Algorithms (NLP, Deep Learning, TensorFlow, Keras etc.,)
  • Placement Assistance is provided through the course

PO1: Apply knowledge of management theories and practices to solve business problems with the required abilities to understand, analyze and communicate global, economic, societal, cultural, legal and ethical aspects of the business.

PO2: Foster analytical and critical thinking abilities to draw meaningful insights for data-driven decision-making.

PO3: Understand and use appropriate algorithms to design, develop, test and deploy the analytical models to solve business problems.

PO4: Deal with complex issues using the multi-disciplinary approach with the help of advanced management and IT tools and techniques.

PO5: Ability to apply domain-specific knowledge and analytical skills to build competencies in their respective functional area.

PO6: Ability to develop value-based leadership to lead themselves and others in the achievement of organizational goals and contributing effectively to a team environment through entrepreneurial thinking, innovation and reporting using analytics.

PO7: Continuously engage in research and development work using analytics with cognitive flexibility to create new knowledge and be a lifelong learner.

PO8: Ability to understand social responsibility and contribute to the community for inclusive growth and sustainable development of society through ethical behavior using the power of analytics.